This week we had the pleasure to meet Dr. Asa’d Saleh, Business Development Manager at UNIVET, one of the biggest veterinary pharmaceutical companies in the United Arab Emirates. UNIVET produces Antibiotics for all sort of animals and is also manufacturing veterinary feed additives containing essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, available in liquid and powder form. One of UNIVET’s best-selling products is “Race-Lyte” which provides electrolytes and dextrose. This formula can help to avoid dehydration and heat strokes in summer and also helps to maintain muscle integrity and flexibility in movement. Most products are used for horses (and donkeys), camels, poultry, cattle, sheep and goats. There is also a small range of products available for cats, dogs and birds. Apart from the UAE market, all products are available in Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq, Pakistan and soon in Sudan.

UNIVET kindly provided various formulas for free for our animals during the hot summer months!

For more information please visit or feel free to contact Dr. Asa’d Saleh via Facebook