When Luke Rowles was 15, he saw a group of men in a garden, kicking and beating this poor fox whose mouth had been sealed shut with duct tape. What Luke did next is not something most people would do, but he did it without hesitation.

Luke walked straight to the gang of violent men without regard to his own safety. He shouted at the men and then grabbed the fox.

This is a photo of Luke right after her rescued the fox from the dangerous men. After caring for the fox, healing his wounds and making sure the fox was healthy, he set the rehabilitated fox free.

Today, Luke continues rescuing animals for the Rudozem Street Dog Rescue.

The world needs more brave people like Luke, with an unconditional will to help those in need.


Source:   http://www.reshareworthy.com/luke-rowles-saves-fox-beaten-by-gang/#GRibOI5ZTT8vusHR.99