How To Successfully Transition From Junk Food To A Vegan Diet

While researching bloggers for our health food-tographers post, we came across Ella, of the recipe blog Deliciously Ella. Her story is pretty remarkable— in an effort to treat an unexpected illness, she went from a regular young woman who regularly enjoyed the simple...

7 Ways Milk and Dairy Products Are Making You Sick

BY SOFIA PINEDA OCHOA, MD Today, Americans consume an enormous amount of dairy. The intake of the average American is estimated to be over 600 pounds of dairy products per year. Dairy foods (including cow’s milk) have not been part of the diet of adults for the vast...

German Meat Companies Investing in Veg Meats

by Sarah Von Alt – October 14, 2015   Earlier this year, Marketwired showcased the growing market for meat alternatives, stating that alternative protein sources are “poised to accelerate, potentially claiming up to a third of the protein market by 2054.”...


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